Fisheries Taskforce Review

In October 2005, the Government directed that the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet establish a review of fisheries compliance and maritime enforcement.

In considering the issues, the review sought an approach that carefully balanced the requirement for a heightened and highly visible deterrent effect through enforcement action in our maritime zones, with the need to undertake a range of initiatives within Indonesia to discourage individual fishing ventures before they commence.

The Taskforce's recommendations were designed to provide a greater level of assurance about cohesive planning and deployment of assets and resources to achieve more cost efficient and effective outcomes. They were:

  • the expansion of the Joint Offshore Protection Command's (now Border Protection Command) responsibilities to include control and coordination of all operational response to maritime security threats;
  • the enhancement of the Command's analytical capability to collate and fuse intelligence about threats; and
  • the establishment of a high-level strategic committee to oversee maritime domain awareness, that regularly considers maritime security threats through a strategic risk assessment, and advises Cabinet on appropriate response arrangements. modified: 27 July, 2011 3:32 PM